random bugs

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clio tyers on the new rs clio go hudge and white

limrock kerbs are massive

cars go on two wheels of kerbs way to easy

no lights on the mazda cosmo

ep3 wrong rear lights

s15 wrong front lights

ai smashes u of the track for fun on every courner

ai in my races are pepole who dont even own forza just a xbox !!

stc off mod puts tsc on and u cant turn it off

no rwd drift only makeing it very easy for trolling wich is bloody anoying

in car views are so high id rather look at the road not a roof and part of a roll cage

tyer marks are left ontop of puddles

still the game plays great and i do love it still a forza fan!!

also two player split screen alot of courners if ur on it the same time as the other player makes it glitch so bad

a problem that was in forza 5 and still not sorted!!