Wondering what people here think of KW Studios on going sim racing title? Having spent 736 hours playing the game as of writing this, it’s safe to say I enjoy the game a lot.

They are updating their tires, brakes and diffusers this coming Monday (December 18th), and I am really looking forward to it. I jumped back on the sim today to get some references for FOV settings in Forza, and even ahead of the update, the game feels amazing. But I can see some of the issues with the tire grip and handling characteristics that seem to come up when people are discussing the title. But even with the missing data and off feeling tires, the game just kicks butt. I’m going to be spending more time with R3E, especially after the V5 tire update happens.

But, has anyone tried or gotten into the sim? If so, what are your thoughts on it, and do you still play it?

best sound and best a.i. most fun a.i.

But iRacing has also developed a.i. and they are expanding it. It seems like they are going very big on A.I.

It looks like the most professional racing A.I. development I’ve seen in years.

However rFactor 2 still wins in best A.I. because of how realistic they drive and truely race for the win. best for endless wheel to wheel action.

But I like iracing developers so I’d go for iracing any day.

I just dont know if they support gamepads. Haven’r played iracing in a while.

And raceroom is good too, especially considering it is free.

I’m just a sucker for realism.
So Assetto Corsa Competizione on a steeting wheel, or rfactor 2 with official studio 397(or whatevet) content and laser scanned tracks. But for a gamepad, gran turismo sport/7 is best and yet it is also good for fun casual steering wheel driving.
GT7 drives allot like iracing. It’s just a bit less realistic, but same bottomline.

With games like iracing or rfactor 2 or acc, I can have endless of hours of fun. I will never be able to beat the a.i. So that is what makes a good game. With as high a difficulty as possible. So thw gaming doesn’t end.

My most played sim racing game was pronect cars 2. I still believe it is the most revolutionary game ever made.

But ACC is the most realistic one, if you consider graphics also.

While rFactor 2 is simply the best with official content. Most realistic driving, most realistic a.i.

I dunno, with all the plans iracing has, it is hard to imagine any game ever beating them. They are on an uphil race to simracing monopoly. They have already always been the best. And they keep relentlessly improving without any end in sight.

Subscription based games that last long, always have very high quality.

I mean drive an officil f1 game like f1 23. Super fun. endlessly fun. But compare it to iracing. It’s like comparing a delta flyer to a boeing 747 or something.

It’s to the point that I have to ask lewis hamilton for advice on how to drive the fastest car ever build. Just so that I can play it in iracing.

And then considering their new a.i. now also supports mercedes f1?

The hell with my gamepad. I hope it works but I’m subscribing to iracing asap right now. xD after im done playing forza motorrapport: bug list edition.

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I just don’t have the drive to consistently race in iRacing. If I did, I would already be subscribed.

But still, it’s all good points to consider. As good as AMS2 and ACC are, I still spend more time in R3E. Its more to my liking, especially with the new tire update.