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Hi Everyone!

I’m a racer, tuner and content creator. I enjoy helping people out and providing exciting content which includes high-level skill along with extensive knowledge about Forza. I’ve been around Forza since the original game and through my Forza career, I’ve held hundreds of #1s, had millions of uses on my tunes and helped hundreds of people get faster by throwing out suggestions for driving, tunes, building cars or them just watching my stream or videos and racing with me.

Here are all my social media links:
Twitch: Twitch
Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheRaceboy77
YouTube: Raceboy77 - YouTube
Facebook: Raceboy77
Xbox Live: Sign in to your Microsoft account
Instagram: http://instagram.com/Raceboy77

Here are all my tune lists:

Forza Motorsport 6 tunes: http://tinyurl.com/RBsFM6Tunes

Forza Motorsport 5 tunes: http://tinyurl.com/RBFM5Tunes

Forza Horizon 2 Tunes: http://tinyurl.com/RBFH2Tunes

Open Source Tunes (FM5): Open Source Tunes (Forza Motorsport 5) - YouTube

Thanks for checking my post out and hopefully you enjoy my content! :slight_smile:



Cool that you share your tunes always watch on twitch keep up the great work canada’s finest…

Thanks man, will do! Enjoy :).

New YouTube video, racing with one hand #2! Racing With One Hand #2 (Forza Motorsport 6) - YouTube

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Big thank you to you Raceboy77. Your tunes rock!

New YouTube Videos:

My #ForzaFuel Experience: My Experience at #ForzaFuel ( Forza Fuel ) - YouTube

Wrecker fails 11 + Crazy 360s and some fun: Wrecker Fails 11 + 360s and Some Fun - YouTube


i love the wrecker fails! hehe keep’em coming in FM6!!! :smiley:

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Will do! :slight_smile: Thanks man!

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Always quality stuff Raceboy77.

Thanks dude!

Always fun to drive your cars, nice job great work. How bout a old mercury coupe tune for d and bclass, or did I miss one.

Thanks dude! I’m not a huge fan of driving that car so I don’t think you’ll be seeing that unfortunately :(. I know I’ve got one for E, though.

No problem I love driving the old cars, maybe you could missing out though, I love how easily it two wheels around corners with the tunes I got, (got to post some pics) but its just for fun I would like to make one a little better maybe you could secretly give me some pointers in the right direction :slight_smile: in a pm since I’m not the best tuner still trying to grasp all the adjustments. Did you do one for the old ford coupe in anything above E class I cannot look till later today or sat. when the silly buses I got the hammer for expire lol.

Yeah the two wheel thing is why I’m not a fan of driving it. It’s fairly unpredictable when racing and I don’t want to accidentally mess anyone up or run into an issue because of it. I had a tune for the '40 Coupe up but I had to take it down, it wasn’t getting enough uses so it came down in my first wave of deletions. As to tuning pointers, there’s really no way to fix the two wheel issue so I couldn’t help you much :frowning: sorry dude!

Hopefully you enjoy my tune list anyways :).

oh i missed it, you got a tune list cool I check all them out.

big thanks for what you do mr.77

using your tune for the aston in r class and it s really good. love the stability when powering out of corners, got me a few top 50 spots so far :slight_smile:

pretty new to the social side of gaming / forza so will be good to watch your vids, get some tips, start shaving those 10ths off.

keep up the great work

Thanks for the kind words man, glad to hear that you’re enjoying!

Hopefully watching my Twitch/other vids help you out :).

Hey everyone! I won a car pass code from winning a racing series so I’m going to give it away during a stream. It will take 250 points to enter with unlimited entries and will be given away this Monday at 3pm EST.

New tunes are up for FM6, check 'em out :). http://forums.forza.net/turn10_postsm394172_Raceboy-s-Forza-6-tunes--DLC-tunes-up-now.aspx#post_394172

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