[RACE] INDYCAR Dave's Race Paints - NASCAR, INDY, etc

My first effort for FM6:

Earnhardt Tribute

The Holden:

Dale 3 Holden

The SS:

Dael 3 SS


Dale Jr

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Dale Jr. is my favorite driver and you gotta love the number 8 design. Gonna pick this one up tonight!

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JJ 48 Lowes

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JJ 48 Kobalt

Kyle Busch 18

Here the latest. Hope you like them!

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M&M’s Camaro is looking nice indeed mate! Always reminds me of their silly commercials. I might need to buy some more Camaros.

JD 07 nascar

Looking good Dave.

Thanks. I don’t have a lot of time and these are by no means exact replicas but more like tributes. I find the Camaro to be my favorite platform. I see we have the SS now available but hate the chrome trim on it (plus I don’t think it is all that fun to drive). Oh well, just doing the best I can.

Ol Number 7! I have a good little Jack Daniels story for another forum :wink:

LOL…I have a few too Ace!

Dale Jr Diet Dew 88

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MGD #2

Another one by request. Let me know if you all think another car would be better.

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It’s Miller Time! Great work on this one mate, your logo work is always very impressive and this is no exception. Keep up the good work.

Clark Indy 65 winner

A tribute to one of the greats - Jim Clark’s 1965 Indy 500 winner - used the Brabham as it had tailpipes and body bits that were closest to the 65 Lotus. Hope you like it. I like this car in S Class with Raceboy77’s tune.


Welcome back from Cape Town and nice work on this one mate, glad to see your talents transition quite nicely to open-wheelers. I’m gonna give this one a download.

14 Tony Stewart

Tony Stewart Tribute.

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Nissan Fast and Furious Super GT Test Mule.

1998 Indy Winner

Eddie Cheever’s 1998 Indy 500 Winner. The Rachels Potato Chip Special.