[Race]Frantic bulls Paint Booth, Mostly japcars, Time Attack, Drift, New design s13 drift

i have been playing forza for a long time but i have not created my own desgins before so im really new to this
Here is some of my designs i made so far, if you want any of them just search my gamertag Frantic Bull.
Here on the first page i will sort my top 5 most downloaded
Let me know what you think. Allways good with some feedback :slight_smile:
Have an awsome day!

#1 R35 Greddy, Livery Contest 20 Winner

#2 Time Attack Honda NSX-R Livery Contest 22 Winner

#3 C63 AMG Black Series

#4 Toyota GT86

#5 Pagani Huayra

Here i will post what im working on right now so keep in mind that these designs are not yet finished :slight_smile:

Subaru BRZ Greddy drift 2013, Early stage of the design

Tokyo Police
Here i will post my tokyo police designs
Let me know if you would like to have this design on another car

Have updated all of the designs with the japanese signs on the side that the police cars have

Supra with the updated design

Skyline r34

Reserved slot

New Design Ford GT did try to keep it clean

Did try to do a lowrider design but did not get as good as i hoped but anyways here i is


Time Attack/Drift Evo 8

Some new designs today for Nissan S13/PS13

Made some new designs hope you like them :slight_smile:

Toyota GT-one

Pagani Huayra

Now its done! My first time making a design this big, hope you like it.
Trust Greddy 35RX GTR

Ferrari 458 Time attack

E63 Amg v8 Supercar

Nismo Autceh GTR

Added 2 new designs to work in progress at spot 2, check them out and let me know what you think

Honda Nsx-R Time Attack Livery Contest 22 Winner

Toyota Gt86 Greddy Race design

My first 1000 downloads on 1 design! Thats so awsome
Thanks everyone that have downloaded and used it and a even bigger thanks to those how taken the time to hit the like button :smiley:

Drift S13 Livery Contest 25 Winner