RACE EVENT TONIGHT 11pm Eastern Sunday,May,4th (EVENT OVER)

everyone i am hosting a race event tonight at 11:30 easterniwill get stright to it all now please read carefully and if There are any questions or you would like to do this race then just make a reply on this topic, or PM m eon this site or messege me on xbox on GT:zBony: Sunday,may,4th

RACE TYPE: this is going to be a team typoe of a race there will be teams of 2 so if you are going to be in this race make sure you have a good friends you can race with on this race there will be a point system in this race but i will explain that later:the track will be on SilverStone Grand Pri 50 Laps and you have to make a Minnimum of 2 pit stops this race will be in (S) class cars

Communication: this is very key to having this whole this work YOU MUST HAVE A MIC if you dont have a mic you will not be permited to be in this race kenicts will not be aloud i dont think noone wants to hear a man sounding like he is in a swimming pool: now this race you have to comuunicat to everyone ex. if you are going to make a pass low and the driver you are going to pass let him know of your presence dont just make the move without no consent: also if you THINK YOU MIGHT make that move clean or MIGHT make that turn then DONT do it you probably cant do it it is a 50 lap race there is no rush into this: EVERYONE must have a number on the Hood,Side, and rear numper, so when you are calling out a driver you must call his number: ex you are going to make a move to pass a car low and he is up high and his number is #66 just say number 66 i am going low or also state your number and make him aware of your presence and precedure: also for the teams me personaly while we are in the lobby will write notes on who is on the team and i will asign you a team number and personally keep records of points and team and drivers:since this is will obviosuly be a full lobby there will be alot of peole in it so please keep the screaming the bitcing the moaning and whinning on the down low we need to have the chat clear se we can state numbers for passes ect also for a common sense of respect I WILL NOT ACCEPT ANY FORMS OF RACIST COMMENTS OR BULLYING THIS IS A NIGHT TO ENJOY A RACE AND HAVE A BLASTWE ARE ALL FRIENDS HERE

Banned cars: now these cars will be banned from the races and im sure everyone will not object to these: all form al Suvs,Vans,Trucks, and track cars yes the xbow and catteram are a track car deal with it:buick:buggatti veyron:Agera

spec restrictions: these will be set and locked in the lobby so nobody can sneak passed this but this will be a headsup so you cna pick your car: NO more than 801HP NO Less 699HP weigh No more than 3,500 pounds NO less than 2,600 all cars must have forza wing and forza Bumper: the reason for these rules is so it be a more even playing field and will relay a little bit more on your tune and skill

RaceProcedure: now howis the race actually going to go well it will start with all of us being in our teams and asinged team numbers will will do a 4 lap race of qualify and will and will assign positions on fasted CLEAN lap time if it is dirty your time will have an added+7 seconds will start behind any driver that had a clean lap time so if you get 2.5min but it is dirty the driver with the 2.8 clean will start ahead of you: now at the start of the regular race with everyone assigned their position we will do a parrade lap in that parred lp it will give everyone time to get into there positions assigned to them from qualify and to warm up there tyres now everyone will have to give each driver a nice space between each other so they can heat tyres and to get into there position now when it is coming to the last 4 turns everyone will pack up into 2 lines odd numbers of the race positions will be on the outside even numberd positions will be on the inside and everyone will be spaced at 1-2 car lenghts and have to maintain a 30 mph speed and will maintain that speed until they pass the start finish line to start the race: now if there is a crash tha invloves more than 2 cars so 3 to be the least the race will be called into a caution and you will race to the finsish line then stop into the first turn where ever you finished will be your position for the restart now if you have damage weared tyres low fuel you can pit just simply race around the track and get into the pits BUT DOING THIS WILL MAKE YOU BE IN LAST FOR THE RE-START so that will be a gamble on your part and like i said YOU HAVE TO PIT 2 TIMES anyless and you and your team mate will be DQ and how will ik if you did this i will save the replay and review the race i will be posting winners on this topic after the race along with all reacers and teams also NO CORNER CUTTING IF ANYBODY WILL SEE THIS YOU WILL BE DQ ON THE SPOT AND REMOVED FROM THE EVEN THERE ARE NO EXPEPTIONS only thing that will be exepted will be if you did it to avoid a huge crash but if just go a little over the apex that is fine: also IF YOU ARE IN THE RACE YOU HAVE TO STAY AND FINSIH NO QUITING IF YOU QUIT then i will post your name in the quit section and im sure your reputaion will fall very quickly in case if i forgot qualifying will begin at 11pm EASTERN and race will begin whenever Qualify will be done

extra: now this event will be live streamed on twict and be view by others so if you want to watch the reace and was not able to compete Account splitsecond159 will be live stream if you have very very good connection you can stream also it is encouraged so if there are any quistions post on this topic and if you would like to compete and you have a friend that you can add for a teammate then PM on this sight or PM me on xbox one

point system: now the point system each driver will be given points for their position at the end of the race and you and your teammates points will be combined for your team and the total team points will be the descider who really are the winners