R-class car

I was going through the tune search and I saw a R class option right after X…is there such a thing?

360 or XB1?

XB1 classes go D C B A R1 R2 X.

thought it was s1 s2 after a class…

Yeah, my bad.

I was in the tunes and it went d c b a s1 s2 x and then there was an r. I don’t know if it was a glitch, or if it will be in a future update.

Searching through tunes for my cars, I noticed you could search for R Class tunes, obviously there isnt any… but why is it there and is there anything planned for it?

Im guessing because it’s been ported from FM5 and they didnt bother to change it, like why some cars have the same errors as in fm5

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Forza 5 did have a R class but it was lower than the x-class. The R class could possibly be something they will do in the future seeing that cars can’t go higher then X it looks like only specific cars will obtain it. These car will probably come as R class when you receive them so they could be high performance cars or rare cars(Possibly unicorn cars)

As M4dd Dogg7 has pointed out, R class existed in Forza Motorsport 5 and was likely carried over into the PI system either with intentions of possibly using it or it was just never removed. Forza Motorsport 5 also included multiple search parameters that existed in previous Forza titles but did not the Xbox One, rendering those fields useless with no vehicles eligible.

It is imperative to realize that some of these things merely make their way from title to title, but I would caution against having any expectation that the parameter will be used for something. Odds are, it’ll remain in the system and not actually be utilized. After all, it is not hindering the functionality of the game and the parameter itself - while not being used in any part of the game - may have associated code necessary for the rest of the PI structure to function properly.

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Why does it have an option for r class

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Its been answered in a post already.