Quitting to dash after every race.

Been playing multiplayer all night but every race it kicks me to dash after the race finishes instead of back into the lobby, is there any cure for this?

Try while in the Dashboard to hold the X button on the console itself for 5 to 10 seconds to shut down the One. Then disconnect the power cord from the wall side of the external power supply, so the brick’s light goes out. Walk about for about five minutes, plug the power back in, then start the box normally. You should get a green screen as the console checks all the updates, etc., and then the normal black booting screen.

Then try again in-game.

Cheers, I tried holding the button in but not pulling the cord. I’ll try that tomorrow.

One step at a time, huh? LOL! Make sure when you disconnect the power, you’re actually removing the power from the external pack itself. Reconnecting, you don’t want immediate electricity feeding into the console.

This is starting to be a regular with me , im guessing its the box rather than the game as i have heard people playing other games are having the same problem.

What car were you using? There is a known bug in the 2011 Alfa Romero Guillietta that crashes to desktop after every race even saved replays crash when exiting.

This happens to me too but only when I vote to kick a driver from the loby.