Question about Monza

Does anybody know if the oval is included in the forza 6 version of Monza?

I noticed quick mention of it in the Monza announcement but nothing saying it’s been scanned or included.

Anybody heard anything otherwise?

I don’t think they’ve announced specif ribbons, but this sentence from the Monza announcement has me hopeful:

The high speed oval has been decaying for decades, deemed too reckless for even the most skilled of racers, but it still stands as a monument to racing’s past.

It’s certainly possible, especially with all the surface types in the game now… Could old, decayed track be one of the 148 surface types? I hope so and if so, it’s time for the 1960 f1 cars :slight_smile:

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that kind of suggests you can’t race on it, if anything

I guess we’ll see, but I don’t see why they would want to mention it if you can’t drive on it. Obviously you can’t drive on it today, but I kind of took that as a possibility that it would be modeled and included (without the moss and grass overgrowing on it). But then again, I was hopeful that Spa would include the original course back in FM5.

To me Monza with the ring would be epic, without it it’s a bit dull.

The italian monza or the asian one ?


The Italian Monza.

There’s an Asian one??

If anyone knows Italian, this might add some fuel to the rumor mill: The "Banking" back new. - The mythical "banking" Monza back to shine. (from 2014)

But, correct me if I’m wrong, isn’t the oval still partially separated from the GP track? Looking at an onboard video and Google Maps, there’s a few walls to navigate around for the entrance of the oval, and a gravel trap separating the oval from rejoining the front straight.

I don’t think that the grass on a banked corner will give you Tonnes of grip

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I will get my version of Forza 6 Today. I´ll take a look at the tracks for monza and give you some information about it as soon as i can.

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Either some sarcasm or joke(er) of the day ?

whops, sorry for that. I thought the Release is august 10th : D

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How the hell are you getting Forza 6 today? Game hasn’t even gone gold yet

That’s what I was thinking too. And even if he does have a green disk or something already, he’d be under NDA. If that’s the case and he tells us stuff he’ll face serious legal consequences. Hmm…

Whoops, I saw the reply to the person that thought that the release date was August 10th. Please ignore this post.

Looking at the ribbon count we’re a long way short of the 100+. OK, we could see some reverse ribbons to increase the numbers but at this stage somewhere like Monza could easily have 8 or 9 ribbons making the old banked track likely. Here’s hoping.

They said at E3 that there would be over 100 ribbons on disc, some may just be rainy but 100 ribbons… Sounds promising for new layouts.