queenANNE9292 - AE86 Kouki lights - Le Mans Supras - J's Racing S2000

—Supras from 24 hrs of Le Mans, 1995 and 1996—

-Minor reworking / moving of some decals, to avoid crazy distortion
-Checked carefully so that it works with widebody and normal aero
-Works on both MK4 supras, “welcome version” and normal

Design: “Le Mans 1995 24H”

-Added titanium exhaust outlet heat shield and some burning, since this race car was running full throttle for 24 hours

Design: “Le Mans 1996 24H”

Name: “J’s Racing 2014”
-The famous touge attacker. My old paint from FH4 which I am really proud of
-Also available with white wheels (“J’s White Wheels”)
-Specifically made for J’s aero

“AE86 Kouki Tails”
“AE86 Kouki Lids”
(Vinyl groups)
-Eyelids become the JDM smoked kouki version
-Tail lights are near as possible to the JDM “Redline” Kouki hatch tails.
-If you prefer the center garnish/license plate filler, simply make a dark grey rectangle behind this vinyl group, as I have on the red car
-Cars in these pics are painted in the popular “Tsuchiya style”, with tops of the bumpers painted
-Apply the “lids” vinyl on both front and sides of car, to make the corner light touch the bumper

With a simple “center garnish” rectangle added underneath…


(awesome GTS oem door vinyl by KanjoKiroo)
Next I am working on an all-new original design… More uploads for you soon

Oh, those Supras…

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Nice job on the J’s Racing livery! Also liked the detail around the exhaust on the Supra, nice touch that :smirk:

Design: JIC Magic #92

For the Formula Drift RX8

Loosely based on a D1GP car livery. Has a lot of cool gold foil vinyl

This is one of my favourite cars in FH5 so far. It sounds so amazing, and can be turned into a very fun S1 grip car too

More to come soon. Still working on a clean-sheet design