Putting together a race team

Officially starting to put together a team of ppl who fit the culture. Here’s what our team is like so far:

-Common cars raced

A lot of skylines, porsches, 92 nsx, lamborghinis, rx7’s, 458, BMW v8 Amg swap, ford gt, some Ferrari, fox body, Datsun, supra, etc

-Style of racing

Common curtesy is a must, respect ppls lines. Look for an opportunity to pass and to those being passed as long as the opposing driver respects your space don’t mess with him. But we respect balls, if it’s an honest mistake it’s cool but we encourage risk taking cuz that’s a big part of some gangster races.

-Favorite circuits

Figure Eight, Rolling Meadows, Highway circuit, Archway Meadows, North City Circuit, Cross Track Scramble, East Suburbs and many others.

My personal favourites are all on blizzard mount but we are always open to enjoying different aspects of the world forza brought to us.

-People themselves

I personally raced a 8th generation civic si and now own an rx8. My buddy of long time has always loved motorsports and so does everybody involved. We all love dope stuff when it comes to cars.


We have a good thing going now but the end goal is to be able to fill up a lobby if we want to with awesome ppl and be able to throw down in epic races, good tandemz, share builds, have awesome times and cruise like ballers if we choose to.

If any of this interests you my gamertag is streets911 (I’m on Xbox) and shoot me a message if you want in.

Kyle G.