Proper career with best stories especially about racing and cars for forza horizon 6

In my opinion in fm4, fh1, 2 and 3 was the best career mode ever made especially fh1 epic cutscenes
So please for forza horizon 6 make the best story and proper career much much better than forza motorsport 4 and horizon 1,2,3.

I need these things for career mode in fh6:

  • Evolution mode(about the history of car manufacturers just exactly like Need For Speed Porsche Unleashed)

  • Knowing the correct and professional drivers in special rivals, we cannot easily beat a professional driver, no matter how much we can upgrade the car like in need for speed games.

I agree.
FH6 story should be more focus about car history, car engineering (upgrades/tunes), car racing techniques and car racing safety.