'Processing photo' time?

Why does it take so long to ‘process’ a photo in this game? What exactly is it ‘processing’? This is almost 2022, all photos are instant now… Why is Forza still using polaroid?

yeah i noticed the long processing time.

i primarily use photo mode to take pictures of cars at the start of a race (for the accolades) and it takes ages after all the cars are identified for whatever reason

When in photo mode RB will do a quick pic for the accolades without doing the processing. If not RB it says the correct button at the bottom of the screen. Just noticed it last night. Much quicker.


akacage, you’re a star!! I didn’t even notice that and have been playing since the 5th! Thank you!

It took me a few days to realise that button was there too…should have known better though given the same thing was in FH4!!


its rendering the scene and even the fastest computers can take a bit of time to do that, you can change the sampling quality in the photo menu which can make a big difference to how long it takes

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It performs accumulation rendering to produce realistic motion and focal blur, as well as precise anti-aliasing. This means rendering the frame several hundred times over with spatial and temporal offsets between each pass to produce the final image.

The post-processing effects used to create the similar effects in realtime don’t hold up in stills, especially the motion blur since it can’t blur things realistically where there’s occlusion.

For instance, where a car is speeding by, you want what’s behind the car to show through the blur. When the scene is rendered once as a moment frozen in time and motion blur is faked by simply smearing pixels across the screen, what’s behind the car can’t show through the blur because that wasn’t rendered in the original image.

Accumulation rendering is what’s used to create motion blur, focal blur, and anti-aliasing in CGI. Combined with the more complex geometry, textures, and shaders, those images can take hours to render.