Problem with 1995 BMW M5 Rendering in Forza Horizon 2

So I just bought the Duracell car pack from the store and have it installed. So far, I have been adding all the new cars to my garage except for the 1995 BMW M5. Problem here is that I cannot add a paint job of any kind to the car. If I try, it hands forever trying to download it. Weirder still is that the game seems to have created a blue-grey amorphous car instead of the 1995 BMW M5 that is in the package. Not sure what to do. Thinking about re-downloading the package, but I am not sure if that will help. Not sure if the devs read this, or if someone has a better person to contact about support for this bug. If anyone else has run into this, please let me know your fix if you got it to work.

I went with the manufacturer colors. I don’t remember if I had trouble with the design downloads for the M5, but I did notice that a lot of the designs for the Duracell pack weren’t that inspiring. Maybe it’ll take some time before you see some nicer designs. Also if you settle for a standard color now you may be able to download a design later.