Pressed Sync Later

I spent a lot of time building my profile and when i went to a friend and tried to play the game i pressed Sync Later because it wasn’t syncing. Is there anything i can do so i can get my old profile back?
I tried anything to make it go back but it always gets me at the beginning of the game.
I still have my photos and things but the cars,lvl,and all the things are gone.
Please help

I posted this topic 2 days ago and still nobody responds. Nice game with saving bugs and things like that. The team does nothing to fix this thing. This is shameful and I assure u I will never buy the Forza games again
Thanks for making me spend 200+ hours on this game and then losing all my progress because u can’t fix the saves and u do nothing to help the players who happens to

open a ticket at the support site
this is not the support site so dont expect support responses

Syncing loads your current profile information. By interrupting the process, you pretty much erased all your games save data from cloud storage. Best advice I can give you is to contact customer support and hope they can help restore your account info.