Porsche Pack for Forza 5

The RUF’s are ok, they look like a Porsche to me, just make some Porsche stickers to put on :))

If it came out, I would get it, but I’m not holding my breath.

Licensing in this day and age is a good way for corporations to “one up” each other, or use to leverage something from another. (Usually money.)

It’s like this in sports, music, cars, and anything else with a logo or iconic product that people want to use in almost any way.

When you buy a digital download for a game, for instance, you are essentially buying a license to use that game in accordance with their terms and conditions. You don’t actually own anything.

They had licensing issues when FM4 came out, they came to some arrangement there, I’d expect the same again this time around.

Much larger install base with FM4.

Id assume that the Porsche license would be very expensive and would in turn not be very profitable for T10 with this size install base.

Maybe with the next go around of FM we can see some Porsche

I never really cared for Porsche’s in the games, but the fact that they would give away their licensing to a company that makes a sub-par game is stupid on their part. Even though I can afford a Porsche, I would never buy one, we have VW and that’s just about the same thing… I do hope Forza keeps doing DLC for 5, and not just FH2 when it comes out, not a fan of Horizon