Porsche GT RS


Whats the Reason behind all this Porsche GT RS Cars 2.0, 3.0, 2016,17,18,19 and and and they all look identical or have only differences you can see only if you look very Long and intense on it.



welcome to Porsche lol
probably best to contact Porsche and ask them because that is how they are in real life too


Almost as with Windows every few years a new version, but hardly differences. Except a few cosmetics and the trouble starts again: Windows is running bad, Windows is running less bad, windows is ok, now it is running quite stable. Service is discontinued and a new version comes out. ^^

I had already wondered. At Porsche you can at least apologize because they just love the tradition. At Microsoft, it’s the money. XD

Oh no, oh no.

Are you telling me that cars look alike?

May I turn your attention to Lamborghini (Reventon, Aventador, Aventador J, Veneno, Murcielago)
Ferrari (812 SF, FF, F12TDF, F12B)
Mclaren (570, 650, 12C, 720)
Audi, BMW

You probably get the picture by now.

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Lamborghinis look different I think. Except for the Aventadors there are many who look alike. But I only like one of the many variants, I forgot which one it was. One with a body kit and a slightly cooler back and details that look a little better.

Audis and BMW yes that’s really * yawn * I just like the Audi RS7 Sportback with widebody set. And The BMW Jon Doewon Song uses for Skill Grind. But only for the reason that this car is very good to farm skill points

MC Larens look a bit similar, but enough of them look different.

Porsche looks just everything alike. Except for the Hoonigan Rau Welt.

I have no problem with that. Only at Porsche it was so extreme that I found it a bit ridiculous.

BMW is not a car you appreciate for looks.

Good that we have Hoonigan ingame. 2 identical cars (Mustang, Focus, Fiesta) just with alternate paint for the fanboys.

we have:
Ford Fiesta ST RX43 Hoonigan GYMKHANA 8 (new)
Ford Focus RS RX Hoonigan GYMKHANA 10
Ford Fucus RS RX Hoonigan GYMKHANA 9
Ford Focus RSRX RC 2016
Ford Hoonigan Escort
Ford Hoonigan Escort Cosworth
ect. not even bothered to count the others mustangs and trucks…

Cheap and lazy

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How is that cheap and lazy?

Only a car enthusiast would understand Porsche. And once you know, you know.

It’s the perfect car that defies physics (rear engine). Many people are attracted to Porsche because they all look the same. You can go out and buy a car that will hurt feelings yet look so tame. They don’t attract attention (aside from GT models) from everyone like a Ferrari does.

I think Porsche would get a kick out of this thread and just smile and laugh and compliment themselves for doing a good job lol.

That’s what makes a Porsche a Porsche. Timeless design, understated beauty, and refined performance.

The only time Porsche “drastically” changed the 911 design was during the 996 model (99’ - 04’) and everybody freaked out about it.

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It’s funny - everyone freaked out at the original 901 (changed to 911 because of Peugeot), when it debuted because of how much larger it was than the 356.

Everyone always has a moment of panic when something drastically changes, then soon come to their senses once the shock has settled lol.