Porsche ghost league this coming week. S class

First time this has been done. About time they tried this, maybe we will get more than 20 people playing Porsche league and a chance to race at VIR.

Wouldn’t hold your breath. There have been a couple of spec (contact) leagues with the RFR, and they just got a standard cut-and-paste track rotation, no VIR.

Can’t use vir outside the expansion

Pretty silly since you can’t races the porsche without having the VIR. Another missed opportunity by T10

If it’s Porche only then they can have VIR in the rotation. Obviously, everyone playing will have the expansion.

It is there, I was on VIR North earlier today. That was the only one that came up but I didn’t see the entire rotation. It was mostly the usual from what I saw

This must be held within the porsche expansion. I havnt checked but I would think you are entering via the porsche special events icon in the leagues page, vir is always in them leagues but I’d be suprised if there is even 1 person in pinnicle who has played since sunday