Porsche Expansion Pack secondary user problem

Hi, I was finally persuaded by my son to buy this DLC for him! Bought though while logged in as me so only credited the free cars to my user.

So, resigned myself to having to buy this again on his login so he can have the cars. BUT won’t let me buy again for him as shows as already purchased??

Any ideas please on how I can fix this issue so he can get these cars on his user profile?


Same type of thing happened to me! I bought the “Deluxe Edition” for FH2 and after downloading it onto my account, my brother’s account has not received the free cars. They are all available for purchase using CR but besides having the capability to buy them, he doesn’t have any of the DLC or VIP features.

Use xbox.com to purchase using another account. some dlc / vip are bind to the account purchased and not able to share