Just a question,

will the porsche Rivals get an update/car and track change?

the 918 hybrid VIR full challenge has been there since the start and it would be cool for a change??

Thanks guys!

probably not

VIP rivals hasn’t been changed since launch of the game in September


Think he’s referring to Virginia Raceway [VIR] rivals in the Porsche section.

Yeh i knew that
Was just meaning if they can’t be bothered updating the VIP rivals ( which is supposed to be a feature of being VIP ) why would they bother updating porsche rivals…a supposed other feature of the porsche expansion

It would be nice though


yes i was, but it would also be cool to see the VIP RIVALS change since people do pay extra for a few cars and a few other things. It would be cool


Hang tight on both. Will hopefully have some fresh stuff soon.


Sounds great. Thanks

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Now that sounds interesting, I am liking this for sure. Anxious to see what is coming.

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Would the “cloud” implode if you added a drag rivals? :flushed:


Got a few new Porsche Rivals events up before I leave for vacation. Will jump on some VIP ones when I return.


Nice one
Thanks for the update

Cant wait for the VIP ones…like all the others that paid for VIP

Enjoy your vacation

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Nice. What about will there ever be new Porsche hopper lobby with 918 and Carrera GT instead of just 911s or porsche cycled production?

I appreciate the new events, but some different tracks would have been nice.

Thanks, I will run some after this weekend. I am thinking that the Lambo league will take all the time I have this weekend. LOL
Have a great vacation!!!

Rivals in Rentals is so boring and not fun!

It’s just forcing stock
It’s not as if you dont already own the cars

It’s nice to have the additional cars in the Rivals for sure, but they just aren’t fun to drive as stock. At the very least, let us tune the tires and suspension elements. Forcing “stock” is just not fun. But, I guess we take what they give, and they hear our complaints. I guess that old saying “Whatever it takes to satisfy the customer” is just an old saying with an empty value.

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I’m with you on the empty value part. I do however like the stock events, for most cars. It’s the only way the cars actually feel different and unique. After I throw on suspension and tune, all my FR RWD handle the same, perfect. Some just may have more accel or top speed but all handle the same. That does get a bit boring, maybe try looking at it that way.

Nice With som New rivals! thanks Triton :slight_smile:

Looking forward to it.