porsche 918 glitch

Hi i have gotten the 918 spyder but i cant install the turbo on it unless i download a tune it says i own it but when i hit install it stops for a second than it dosent install the part at all any thing i can do to fix this thanks gt Darkxi95

This is a known glitch since FM3 and affects all cars that have aspiration upgrades. Sadly, there’s nothing you can do about it on the car you own, that car will be glitched forever. You need to buy a new model of the car. The glitch can be avoided by purchasing all aspiration upgrades before you install a tune.

To avoid the aspiration glitch in the future, purchase all engine swaps and all aspiration conversions for all engine swaps if you plan to download tunes that you do not know information about.

IF you know someone put a specific engine or aspiration on a car, then you only need to buy that particular upgrade to avoid the glitch.

ok thanks looks like i need 203 new cars but seriously thanks for all the info