Porsche 911 GT3 '21 - Sound weak in cockpit

The sound needs to be louder, particularly from cockpit view where there is no resonance, sense of bass, rumble or vibration - sounds like the windows are down and I’m driving from a striped down race car cockpit.


Hi, do forgive me if tagging was unnecessary but will this not get “bug logged” unless it gets 14 votes or so?

The sound is right in the game, it’s just tiny, lacks depth and character, particularly from cockpit view.

Anyhow, I look forward to audio dynamic range tweaks to this car (and the 19’ GT3 road car), just liked you’ve improved many other cars.

It sounds lovely in replays but somewhat quiet and muted while driving, especially from cockpit cam.

Thanks and good day :+1:

The weak and uninspiring sound in cockpit makes me want to not touch this car.

When can we expect an update?