Poor quality of steering animation on Xbox One (model 2013)

Hello, everyone!

I noticed that the steering animation is poor on the original Xbox One. The steering wheel does not move smoothly. I suspect this is due to resource saving because the console is so weak. The same phenomenon can be found in Elden Ring.

I don’t think that’s a good thing. What is your opinion?

This has been a problem since day one on the Xbox One consoles. Between that and the Initial Drive bugging out, I admittedly thought that the Xbox One version of the game was a possible Cyberpunk situation. Thankfully, the Xbox One version isn’t that bad, but having finally upgraded to a Series X, the Xbox One version is still a pretty poor port. In regards to the steering animation, it’s unfortunately likely to be a permanent issue with the Xbox One version. Submitted a ticket day one, and clearly nothing was ever done about it. I highly recommend upgrading to the Series X when you can.

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That’s right, the Xbox One is just too weak. Horizon 4 runs much smoother and more fluidly than Horizon 5.

Having said that, I feel that one shouldn’t have skimped on things like the steering animation, as this is more or less constantly in view, especially on convertibles. You can go with lower details, but stuff like steering wheel animation should be animated clean.

I also noticed that the detail level can only be seen within a short range of vision, outside it is greatly reduced.

With Horizon 6, the Xbox One will have a very hard time, I suspect. Perhaps it will then only be possible to play via the cloud function.

They will likely drop the Xbox One by the time Horizon 6 rolls around. And that will probably be for the better.

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