Pontiac Solstice 2006-2010

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2009 Solstice GXP should return to the new Motorsport ASAP. It appeared in FM4-FM7 only.

I also wanted it to join Horizon but now, I consider both Forza games to have it.


Late post, but Turn 10 let go of the Solstice.

Yea we need more cars like Solistice on FM


Had one of these IRL. Worst decision I made when I let it go…so I bought another one…second worst decision when I let that one go…I’m now about to buy a third one and die with it.

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Second of all, I remember this Pontiac in NFS Undercover. But it was represented as a Roadster in there.

Hopefuly you dont sell this one lol
Worst mistake GM did was to give up Pontiac when they were starting to make great cars

Reason why GM shuts down Pontiac is because they have financial crisis problems in around 2008, GM couldn’t save the brand so it leads to their shutdown in 2010.

Well try not to sell it ever again, mate…

And btw is your Solstice a T-top Coupe or a Roadster?

Did they make a solstice with t tops?



Yes, but the Targa roof piece cannot be removed in-game.

I need a solstice in my Forza Motorsport garage.