Pontiac Bonneville 1959-1960

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Ah yes, the 1959 Pontiac Bonneville.


General Motor’s 1959 Lineup is considered by many (especially classic car enthusiasts) as the most beautiful lineup of all time. From absolute icons like the '59 Caddy with its huge fins or the Impala with its bat wing rear, GM was on FIRE in 1959.

But not only were these cars beautiful, they were all used in NASCAR (minus the Caddy) and therefore have genuine racing history! The ‘59 Pontiac specifically was even driven by both Smokey Yunick AND Fireball Roberts, some of the most famous NASCAR drivers of the 1950s!


While I still think the '59 Impala is more iconic & therefore more deserving of inclusion into Forza, the Pontiac has & will always be my favorite, & can you really blame me? This car is an absolute stunner inside & out & overall there’s a huge lack of late-50s American cars in the game despite how famous this time period is in the classic car world, so there’s always room for more!


Us classic car guys are feeling pretty neglected (with the exception of late 60s early 70s muscle cars) so cars like this would be amazing to see!