PO Ford Focus RS

Looking to buy a pre order Focus RS, name your price. Also willing to trade, so throw some cars at me that you’d want to trade for.

Don’t be surprised to pay 20 million or more for this car. If I’m not mistaken the Focus PO was supposed to be for Toys R Us purchases, and im sure you know, they went bankrupt and shut down most of their stores across the world just before the release of the game. Only maybe 15 of these cars may exist across the whole player base.

yeah i know man haha, ive got the money to pay for it, problem is finding someone who has it and wants to sell

I have no Idea why but recently they strated popping up in the AH and in my opinion it’s the easiest unreleased PO car to get altough a lot of people would disagree with that statement

I have one what’s offer

shoot me a price bud

I got one on the AH in less than an hour last night. Another member of this forum also got the second one they bid on yesterday.

The original few cars are multiplying into many, as are the PO cars, FE Capri etc. so population passing through on AH is increasing.

lol how much you want for it

It took me good 5 days to get a second Focus PO. But I can sell it to you for 50 mil.