Plymouth Belvedere 1957-1959 (Plymouth Fury)

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This. Car. Must. Return. I’m not kidding when I say that the 1958 Plymouth Sport Belvedere (and its performance trim Fury counterpart) are my favorite cars of all time!

This era was the peak of American automotive styling, and this car was Virgil Exner’s Magnum Opus. The “Forward Look” styling was years ahead of its competition and in my humble opinion, this low-slung, beautiful, chrome filled, luxury, space-aged, land yacht is the single best looking car of all time!

Not to mention, the Fury was the fastest American car of the 1950s, & was used in stock car racing! So bringing it back in a division for vintage stock car racing would be amazing!


In the meantime, I have 15 or so on Forza Horizon 5 despite their difficult nature to obtain because I love them that much & want one in every factory color!


It was in Motorposrt 6 then Motosport 7 then Horizon 3,4,5 and now its removed in Motorsport 8… Will you add it back please?

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