Please fix the game! It’s fabulous but it still has some issues

Hello everyone, I’m Italian so sorry in advance for my English😅

I wanted to say that this game is absolutely amazing but has some serious issues that need to be resolved. I would love to have the Series 11 as a COMPLETE fix. If so, I wouldn’t mind having any new car.

First off the famous multiplayer problem: I know A LOT of people pointed it out before me but that really needs improvements. Wallriders and rammers fix or not, it still is a mess and races continue to be quite impossible if you don’t find the right stanza (and with the Festival Playlist achievement it’s very difficult as you’ll find VERY VERY casual gamers in every lobby). The multiplayer really needs to be improved even at the matchmaking level ’cause you could find a lobby full of people if you’re lucky in like 10 seconds but it’s very likely to happen that you’ll wait for kinda five minutes and will find a lobby with, like, two people…

The trial. THE TRIAL. That’s scary. People who don’t know how to do, and even if, they hinder you instead of help you. This makes quite impossible to reach first place like 90% of the times you try.

Bugs here and there: don’t misunderstand me, there’s no serious but for the gameplay but some of them such as the occasionally infinite loading for garage, the possibility to go on with time and get the car you want even if it’s two seasons ahead (because this mines overall the auction house as the players will sell these cars for millions), and the serious menus lag (on Xbox One at least) mine the overall experience.

Balance of the AI: This is a topic people have discussed a lot about. Why on the heart they always said that their AI system was the best of every time with the introduction of the Drivatars (and I can believe in them ’cause effectively until FH3 it all went well) but here the AI is totally unbalanced and unfair? Every level that goes above normal difficulty is a hazard: if you gain the first place is hard to maintain but if they overpass you… Well, your race is over because you’ll never reach them again… I remember some seasonal championship where there were OBVIOUS faster opponents.

That’s it. Please PG read this and all the other thread like this one in the forum and make it happen! Keep up the good work btw but please, fix these serious problems🥺