Playoff 1 Prize Breakdown

Also known as how to kill the professional scene of an esport 101.

Ridiculous that the minimum payout this time is the grand amount of $750 for 12 place! Remember 50 are invited, 48 compete, and only 12 get money. 11th place barely covers travel costs for most.

For comparison top 48 at Le Mans last year got paid about $400 I believe. With top 24 being paid more. Even though initially prize money was supposed to go to the top 128 that traveled over there, Le Mans still has a better prize money distribution than this Playoff. Also remember that they are saving money by hosting it in Seattle. You would expect the cost savings to translate to better support for the reports scene, but nope… They pocket in the savings and the players who tried hard all season long get screwed out of their reward.

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Are the top 50 even going? I know most live half a world away so I doubt all non US players will make it.

All of them would go if they covered travel costs. Sadly they eliminate half of the competition by not covering travel costs.

It is disappointing to see them going backwards in player support. In 2015 and 2016 they covered travel costs for everyone participating.

Are there in game prizes or anything for those who finished in one of the tiers at the end of Series 1?

Otherwise what’s the point of breaking up the leaderboards. Asking for a friend…

Highly unlikely.

I was invited to LeMan last year but couldn’t make it due to lack of a passport and high cost of airfare. I didn’t receive anything for qualifying to the final.

There isn’t any point breaking up the leaderboard unless maybe bragging rights? I doubt many care.

I just have to add my two cents, and I know people aren’t going to like it.

The Forza Racing Championship isn’t (yet at least) a multi-million dollar esports comp with thousands of active viewers and followers. We’re incredibly fortunate that they even host offline events for drivers provided current factors like viewership, sponsorship, etc - all of the things that make these events possible. It really grinds my gears to see people act so (quite frankly) entitled towards things that we as a community don’t really deserve to begin with.

For starters, the prize pool for the playoffs - not the main event, the playoffs - is $75,000. That is a LOT of money for what we’re doing. Couple that with the fact that a handful of drivers will be leaving Seattle with over 5 figures worth of cash and I’d say Turn 10/GFinity/Microsoft have done quite well for their competitors. I understand that it sucks that so many people aren’t getting prizes but at the same time I don’t want the ForzaRC to feel like one of those Little League Baseball tournaments where everyone gets a trophy; I want the prizes to feel like you had to EARN them…

Additionally, I’ve seen dozens of complaints on both social media and these forums about the lack of paid travel. To put it bluntly, it’s unfortunate. But at the same time, we really shouldn’t be expecting a series to be paying for flights and accommodations for 50, or in last years case, over 100 people…It’s just too darn expensive. I would love to see the whole world have the opportunity to experience these things but when you look at the situation from a reasonable perspective it is frankly ridiculous to pay for that many trips.

Overall I find it sad and disheartening that people are seemingly ungrateful for the ForzaRC. I get the sense that a lot of people have come to expect things from the Turn 10/GFinity team that simply aren’t possible for the FRC at this time. In my humble opinion, the community should embrace the ForzaRC for what it is now and push themselves to try to earn that paid flight and prize money the next time out. The exclusivity of paid travel isn’t going anywhere, so we’re going to have to earn it.

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No, you’re right but I think some just want some swag like a t-shirt or hoodie for doing well and others in-game rewards like free DLC. T10 made it a little easier to earn cheap items like that previously but now not so much. They earn more than enough to afford that kind of stuff.

For example, place gold in FRC = free t-shirt and eligible for drawing of 1 of 25 $5 Xbox live gift cards. It’s not much, but may help with no-shows come race time and encourage some to keep grinding out lap times. Granted the cut-off for gold tier would likely need revision.

And let’s be real, 75k ain’t that much but it is unusual for a racing title, that’s for sure. To me that points to T10 is doing very well financially speaking. If not, then T10 has some balls for risking that much for exposure. Seems like this is what you’re implying and if so, then yea the structure is understandable.