Playlist broken?

Hey Guys

I haven’t found anything about this in the forums or on twitter, so I decided to ask here:

Is the festival playlist broken after the latest update? I have finished all the previous seasons for this series and I wanted to continue with the current season today. Unfortunately, the season shows two super wheelspins as rewards (also all the other seasons and series rewards). All the events seem different from what I remember from last tuesday, and for the whole series it says that I don’t have a single piece of progress… wtf?:flushed:

Oh and Forzathon Shop is also not working.

Is it just me or does somebody else have those problems?

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Ye, servers are down

Hi, I have the same problem. Also, when I started the game I got a message saying that the server is not currently working.

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Seems like they have some servers down?:thinking: my playlist does not even show the correct content for spring (e.g. weekly should be the ferrari pista and shows honda nsx instead…).

Also I cannot acces tuning or livery browser… I dunno what to do right now.

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If there are server issues and the game can’t communicate, then it starts showing a back-up playlist. I get this occasionally when I start the game up but, by the time I exit the house, it has restored the playlist back to normal.

Not sure what to suggest if it isn’t resolving itself though…maybe it’s simply huge server issues

Yeah I am aware of the problem with playlist when entering the game. I have axperienced this several times, but when eciting the house it was always fine. This time it’s not… I restarted console and Game multiple times. I am on series X. But the fact that also nothing else is working tells mr it’s a bigger problem. I can’t see any online players even thou I am in horizon live online mode, and I cannot access Auction house, tuning browser or anything else…

Someone on twitter said you have to “hard reset” the game, but I never heard of that nor do I know how to do that.

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Sounds like it’s a major server issue then.

The Hard Reset would be hard resetting the console rather than the game itself…this page explains it:

It’s the equivalent of clearing your browser cache so it deletes temporary data without uninstalling any programs etc

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I can also confirmed that the servers might be down, had to restart because of the infinite saving content bug and as soon as I loaded in, I saw the fallback playlist message. Tried restarting the game just in case it was just a hiccup, same fallback playlist. Guess I’ll try again later

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Only thing you can do is contact support, or try again later unfortunately. I’m loading it now to see if it’s working here (xBox One X), not long woken up.

my playlist does also not even show the correct content for spring.
And i get this message now every time i try to open the playlist :frowning:

And im playing on PC btw


Seems like it’scoming back to life now. There was a short black screen and it resetted my car. After that playlist was available again. Other things seem to work as well.

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I’ve just lost all my weekly forzathon progress in the 488

I’ve been having this issue a few days now on my One S every time I resume gameplay, but people drowned my post before anyone could really look at it. Restarting the game fixes it, but I have to restart my game every single time, which is annoying if I want to play multiple times a day.

Hmm must be something else I think… I didn’t have such problems since release.

Problems are completly fixed now for me. Also the fixes in the new update are working now and I’m happy with it.