Playground's failed social experiment

The toxicity of online communities is well-known, and part of the reason I rarely do PvP. I understand where Playground comes from.

However, you will not change the culture inside your community by forcing yours into it. I’m sorry to say, but this “hey everybody, let’s be friends” is a failure, because most people in the game don’t understand the meaning of teamwork. I can’t even use ForzaLink to chastise them. Star Fox 64 had better warnings to teammates.

“Try shooting the bad guys, Fox!”

“Hey Einstein, I’m on your side!” (sadly censored to “genius” in the remake)

Imagine Falco playing a round of FH multiplayer!

It’s a mistake to think you’re the good guys who will make the players see the error of their ways, or expect the bad players to be thinned down over time. Not gonna happen, especially when Game Pass and wide availability of the game makes it too easy to create troll accounts to grieve players with.

It’s also a mistake when most players can’t drive fast enough to save their lives and you paradoxically push competitive modes like Trial, Eliminator or even Horizon Tour. I don’t feel any pride in having a better chance at the SVJ than a 4-year-old kid just because I happen to be older and more skilled at the game.


A very good point, I often have to do the online stuff for my son (yet I hate doing it for myself, double the joy NOT)…, not because he’s a bad player, but because the difficulty in FH5 has been pushed through the roof.

If a game is “Genuinely” made for E age limit, then the tasks within said game “Should” be achievable by the same age group.

There is no way on god’s good earth a 4 year old can achieve a 100% complete season by playing the game purely by themselves.

If your going to make a game for everyone, then at least allow everyone to achieve the same goals/prizes.

Just my two cents.


This is precisely why the game has gone mad! The inclusion of all. How a 4 year olds experience of a game is suppose to matter is ridiculous! An adolescent should hold no argument in any matter. Maybe the fact he/she is unable to complete anything in said video game is precisely because he/ she is 4 years old! If you can’t buy it on your own…you have no business criticizing it. That means…if you as a parent bought it…then you relay your adult experience using it. You and your hollering are the exact reason this game has failed the other self sufficient beings who purchased this. Listen…your little human being is not the center of everyone else’s world. Respect that. Myself and others who are adults purchased a product not to be negotiated by an infant!
Just my 2 cents…


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Except nobody said that.


You can chastise teammates with Forza Link but you have to be creative about it.

My personal favourite combination is ‘Great job team!’ then Clap clap. Especially useful in Horizon Tour and the Trial.


“You’re too slow!” is another good one.


grml played fh4 teamadventure few days ago and the player in random untuned car at #12 spammed chat with this and “I’m the winner” in 5 adventures had to leave then :smiley:

Easiest way to solve the problem is for the game to automatically group players into tiers based on each player’s statistics. Other racing games do it successfully. The devs already have the statistics they need. Rammers and griefers would get pushed into the lowest tiers, then could be banished into a group of their own if they persist. Skilled players would progressively rise through the tiers. Everyone would have a better gaming experience.


I think the main issue with the way this game is now, and many others, is that it’s forcing me to do things that I have absolutely no interest in doing. I honestly can’t wrap my head around how this was okayed? With the amount of planning and discussions that go into development, In what world do devs think forcing people to do things they don’t want to do will be enjoyable to them?

I understand that no everyone feels the same way, but judging by the sheer amount of issues that are brought up on this forum about it and the amount of ‘memes’ I’m seeing about it on other sites, it is very much a wide-spread issue with the player-base.

Playground! Forcing people to do things you think they should be doing will not make them like it, it only makes them grow to loathe it even more. Hence why these issues are non-stop cropping up now. People are fed up with the contrived, arbitrary garbage you keep trying to shovel down peoples necks, and also why people constantly say this game feels like a job, because you’ve literally made it one.


It’s a Microsoft-wide issue. I’ve always wondered if Playground knows about it, even agrees, but can’t do anything and has to put up this façade that everything’s ok, because Phil Spencer has a … for Sea of Thieves and Destiny and wants to turn all of Xbox’s games into them. Sea of Thieves explains the aimlessness and Destiny, the service model.

The Halo players are already complaining because the game also has these weird challenges like “kill 3 players with a Disruptor” or something like that. Usually it’s inefficient weapons, like the aforementioned Disruptor (a weak, electric shock pistol).

Microsoft wasn’t the company that created this sort of exploitative gameplay (I did mention Destiny, right?), but they want to push it as much as possible, because the success of Game Pass is measured by player count and playtime.

Ironically I think the biggest reason they don’t change it is because not many people actually bother with the Seasonals. I’d be happy to be proven wrong, but I remember lots of people on Discord simply ignoring the Playlist and looking for the cars on the AH. The end result is, the few who actually do the Playlist are not enough to push MS and PG to change it, because they know we do it anyway.

Rhetorical argument, not literal.

I did have a Sega Genesis when I was 4 BTW. Granted, there was no internet, so there were no “dangers”.

There’s even games like Bugsnax which are clearly made for young children and misunderstood because of it.

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I understand that they want their age range to be as wide as possible but kids of that age probably shouldn’t have an Xbox or console at 4 YEARS OF AGE. Is it just me or is that ridiculous. Even an iPad is too much in my opinion. Granted Im not a parent yet nor was I born in times of such technological overload but it’s stupid, just stupid.

Of course a 4 year old is not going to be able to complete the festival playlist - some of them are hardly potty trained at that age. 4 year olds, if their parents allow them to play this game should be able to muck around with their parents in this game doing a dab of racing here and some open world driving there. This is not a racing game designed by Fisher price. It’s aimed at those who can buy this game themselves as someone above stated.

Call me a piece of garbage but this game should not be altered because your toddler can’t get the SVJ without their mum or dad playing a couple hours a week for them.

Horizon 5 was created PRIMARILY as a game for those who can consciously buy it themselves, with the ability for younger children to enjoy to some extent too. Mar1u5 you can’t expect everyone of all ages to unlock the festival playlist rewards- there’s a reason they make it a challenge.


Yes it was a bit harsh what I typed. But does a 4 year old even delve that deeply into this game…other than cars vroom vroom. I meant…to make this game more 4 year old friendly…would only add to the legitimate frustrations there are. But that being said, you’re on par with the options the game should have in the first place.


I agree 1000%. Spent over an hour and a half trying to complete the trial this morning until giving up. It’s not fun, it’s full of people who can’t drive, and it clearly brings out the worst in people. I wouldn’t be bothering with it at all if they didn’t decide to put an exclusive car behind 200 freaking points on the season. I don’t have time to make this game my full time job. Nor, frankly, the desire, seeing as I have very little fun with it because all I have time for are weekly chores.


With all due respect, this is not just Playground’s failed social experiment. It is not my intention to go into a detailed discussion about human social behavior, but I am trying to preface my response to the OP.

Gather enough people together and you’ll quickly discover a few things: 1) humans differ greatly in there opinions and will defend there position with aggressive behavior. 2) some people that are unsupervised will act very differently than they would if they were held to account for their actions. 3) people will experience different interpretations of a statement that appears to be obvious.

There are mainly two reasons we all experience rude or obnoxious players: 1) they are unaccountable strangers and that can affect behavior. There are rude and obnoxious people in this world that enjoy being that way. In a multiplayer environment, it is unavoidable that we will encounter these people sometimes.

A game that intends to have something for everyone does not mean all content will enjoyable or easily achieved by everyone. Rather, it means that there will be content that appeals to a wide audience. Just like music or movies, there will be things to do that are not enjoyable to some people, but are great fun to others.

In my own experience with the game, I know there will be rewards I will not be receiving. With so many automobiles, outfits, and other customizations, I just don’t care if there are some that I will never have. I know that this is only my perspective when I am playing, and there will be players that are upset because something they really want is behind a barrier that seems unreasonable. In a game with so much content, perhaps we should not be playing with the expectation that we should do and have it all.

I hope we all find ways to have fun playing.

Peace and respect.

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