Pit Stop Bug

This happen to the AI, but it could happen to the player, maybe. The AI tried to do a Pit Stop, because it was forced for the race, and got wrecked while in the pit stall. Then it got stuck. Mugello 6 laps, 1 forced pit stop, hot rod revival. https://gameclipscontent-d3013.xboxlive.com/xuid-2533274830278858-private/a2fabd1f-7ebb-4ea4-8fbc-4fbc382ff876.MP4?sv=2015-12-11&sr=b&si=DefaultAccess&sig=OYAePEyNbWgF8D8BLujHAOXsUySzuaL9QbGhDBO%2BSnk%3D&gda=1550091466_f7c810c74e8b4bd19f16e35b18aeccb5