Pikes Peak

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This has always been my dream Forza track, and probably the most iconic track that has never been in Forza.

Ripping some incredibly fast cars on this super dangerous twisty track would be so fun! From tearing up the track in Group B legends, to doing some fun chaotic races in large cars with poor handling, simply trying to survive the trek up without falling off. This track would lead to so many fun races and could be a favorite for hot-lapping due to its challenging nature!

I’d especially like to see different renditions of the track in their various stages of paving, in place of different layouts. From the original all-dirt track to the mixed paved/dirt track to the modern-day fully paved tracks. Especially with the new weather systems this would make for some of the most thrilling racing imaginable, even if T10 only adds the fully paved track!

I also realized the drifting opportunities that Pikes Peak has! It’s a tight, twisty technical mountain track. That’s literally the recipe for togue! If we could do this track in reverse layout it very well may end up as one of the most used tracks in the entire game!

Man, I was so miffed when they didn’t have a single hillclimb in Dirt Rally 2. Would be so awesome if they had the fully paved version in Motorsport.

Apparently Gran Turismo has exclusive licensing for Pikes Peak :pensive:

How can you license a public road?

Good question haha