[PHOTOCOMP] Bringing back the competition – Aperture 100 [CLOSED]

Aperture 100

Time for an other photocomp! I’m a bit early but don’t know if I’ll have time in the next days so I start it right away. So in this one I may make some of you work a bit. When I comment on pictures, especially for new comers, I most of the time suggest more aperture. Now you’ll have to set it at 100. For those not to familiar with aperture I suggest focusing with the X button and zooming might come in handy.

Same thing for prizes … They are no prize. You get to feature a podium in your gallery. This is for fun of competing each other.

Open to shots from to the whole Forza franchise.

Deadline: Sunday, March 8, 2015 ; voting will run until Friday, March 13

The rules

  1. Your picture must have 100 of aperture.

  2. One entry allowed with a maximum of two extras. Label each accordingly. You may change any of these at any time before the close of the entry round…just let me know you changed, please.

  3. Bigshots are allowed, but must be within forum limits.

  4. NO outside editing. you can crop out the watermark if you want.

  5. All tracks/environments allowed, but NO autovista or homespace shots.

  6. All modifications are allowed.

  7. Custom liveries are allowed this.

  8. You must vote for three pictures or you will be disqualified.

  9. You cannot vote for yourself.

  10. Votes are open to everybody.

  11. Please only enter shots you haven’t entered in any other comps.

  12. If you enter a shot taken by somebody else, you will be disqualified.

  13. You MUST have fun!

Example shots

CLK GTR Ap100 by Morc 57, on Flickr

RS Ap100 by Morc 57, on Flickr

If you want more examples, I’ve gathered a few shots HERE.

I will cast any tie-breaking votes at the end.

Have fun and good luck.


Apparently God



JackH 63

Lethal Drift


iHomie OG





Nights Viper


Friedrich II




. . .


1st Place:

Apparently God (7 votes +tb)

2nd Place:

Lethal Drift (7 votes)

3rd Place

Swtluu (5 votes +tb)

HMs / 4th Places:

HOOKERno1 (5 votes)

JackH 63 (5 votes)

5th Places: iHomie OG / lccbb22 / Sergi01978 (3 votes)

. . .

HOT, HOT, HOT it was!!!

First time I had to cast some tie breaking votes and it was hard let me tell you!

There was loads of awesome shots and I saw some of you stepping up a notch.

Good job everybody and thanks again in showing your support.

I think I’ve finally dialed in on what I want to enter:


Extra 1:

Extra 2:

I’ve decided to go with the horizontal orientation for my entry. I doubt I will be changing it again between now and the deadline but you never know.

Also, all these entries are fantastic! I love the creativity and diversity they bring. Great choice with the competition Morc!


First time trying and photo competitions, but I’ll try


EDIT: Submission:



I am definitely in. Thanks Morc for running another one of these.

So here is my entry:
Dino 5 by wilmad.1988, on Flickr

and an alternate, wasn’t sure which one to use.
288 GTO by wilmad.1988, on Flickr

Only issue I see, is that at 20x zoom, with a full car or something, aperture isn’t that noticeable even at 100.


100 aperture, 100 exposure


I don’t think the idea is to create a particular effect, just to use maximum aperture to whatever purpose it can be used, and learn why so many of the experienced photographers around here tend to give the same piece of advice to beginners. Since this comp is just for fun, it’s not necessarily going to be important to prove that someone used a 100 setting rather than 90 or whatever, because as you pointed out - it’s not going to make that much difference in some cases (and there’s no incentive to cheat). I guess what I’m really getting at is that the only issue I see could be; what if only photo mode vets enter this awesome comp? :slight_smile:

Morc, thanks for trying practical application of a technique (other than using the color/sepia sliders) instead of just a broad theme as a comp requirement. I’ve idly wondered if I could help people learn about photography in a more participatory (and less rigid) way than tutorials, direct advice, etc. but you’ve actually done it!

On a related note: It’s awesome that Forza replicates real photographic principles as much as it does, although I wish there was also a “Pro” mode. It would feature real shutter speed & aperture settings (time intervals & f-stops); exposure being a function of those two things combined, rather than its own slider - and most importantly, the ability to take photos while spectating live races or from replays, without pausing. It would allow people to develop transferable photography skills for less than the cost of buying a decent camera+gear, and the possibilities for experimentation with long exposures in a Forza game are enough to make my head (or my virtual cars) spin.

But I digress…spot me please!


Lol! … what he said.

I’m not looking for a particular effect. I just wanted to do something different (don’t think there ever was an Aperture comp) and maybe at the same time make a few ppl discover this useful tool.


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In the end, the most creative persons will end up on the podium.

Entries updated.



Here’s my contest entries for this round. It took me a little bit to find shots that matched the criteria but I’ve got them.


RENAULT - 2014 Spark SRT_01E (3) by vAcesWild


LAMBORGHINI - 1988 Countach LP5000 QV (3) by vAcesWild


ROLLS-ROYCE - 2014 Wraith (1) by vAcesWild


Brilliant idea, I’ll have a piece of the action.
Found a more suitable pic,

I’ll keep the nutter below as back up,

He’s 100 aperture. If you don’t believe me, ask him.


Definitely LOL! I can’t stop laughing now, great pic Sergi.