Peugeot Quasar 1984

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Peugeot Quasar

1984 Peugeot Quasar



It looks so cool! The Group B Rally Car dressed in a supercar body.


10 VOTES?!?!?!?!

11 now

That’s definitely a byproduct of it lingering in the suggestions thread for so long. Users are spoiled now because new threads based on suggestions seem to be opened every other day. A year ago, it often took six months for new suggestions to get threads, and by then, a lot of hype for certain cars died down.

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Over six months at times too

Oof, that sucks

Yea Max has been doing the suggesting solo up until the end of last year where a few of us were brought in (myself and SC for Car Votes and Mastr for Tracks).

Although we have more manpower now we’re still just volunteers so it’s something we do in our spare time when we’re able (like now I’m doing topics at 11pm lol).

There’s still a backlog we need to work through and some very old topics that need updating but we’re chewing through them, it’s just a matter of prioritising the more popular models and production models over one-offs or very niche cars when it comes to making new topics.

I do also just add whatever cool and weird stuff i see / i remember into the list immediately, some cars even turn out to be relatively popular with the audience here (like the Transit Connect from earlier today)

Oo, seeing this car brings back memories. Upvoted, though if added I hope there’s an option to bump the rear wheels out as the pictures make them look quite pinched compared to the front!

I’m of the Diablo/Testarossa era, for me the back tires have to be further out or at least the same distance apart as the front.

Sebastien Loeb Rally Evo nostalgia