performance issues

hey folks, been ages i played a racing game and FH4 nails it for me. however, i do have some serious issues running the game ultimately ruining the experience.

my PC is in the lower end specs nowadays i should think but from what i can see fullfills the minimum specs. here it is:
8GB ram
GTX 960 2GB
Ryzen 5 1500x

i have all the setting on the lowest possible and yet it still micro stutters for me. disabled windows defender and shut down all the backround programs that are not necessary. my resources are limited when it comes to upgrading my PC and having bought this game last night i cannot afford to buy a better GPU/RAM within the next 2 months at least.

if anyone here has a few tips and tricks how to squeeze out the last bit of performance increase regarding what iam running i would be eternally gratefull :slight_smile:

thank you for the time