Performance - FPS Influencing Laptimes / Straight Line Performance (1746006)

Hi Team,

After the latest Silverstone Rival, the community noticed some people going much faster than others along the straights, particularly in the Corvette C8.

It was speculated that this was due to FPS differences between drivers, and initial thoughts (without in depth testing) were that this was correct.

So, myself and community member FT completed extensive testing, and compiled our results.

Test method:

  • 50-175mph completed up the Mulsanne Straight, from the same spot every time
  • Tested at multiple FPS points; 30 / 60 / 72 / 110 / 160 / 180 - Set using frame limiters in Nvidia Control Panel
  • Tested with multiple cars
  • Footage captured using Nvidia Shadowplay - 1080p / 60fps
  • All testing completed using the 'Manual with Clutch) shifting assist.

What we did with those tests:

  • Trimmed, frame perfect, with video editing software
  • All results collated via excel and available through the attached Google Drive Link
  • Some of the raw test run footage is also linked, to prove validity.


  • High FPS absolutely equals faster acceleration times, in almost all cars
  • There is a competitive advantage to finding work-arounds to multiplayer FPS limits
  • 110fps seems to be the most consistent, advantageous sweet spot
  • Rivals mode does not have an FPS lock
  • The FPS locks in place for multiplayer do not work, can easily work around to 100fps and will gain a huge advantage as a result
  • Present on Steam, Microsoft and Console releases of the game
  • No consistency between results across various frame rates. Almost all are quicker than 60fps, but inconsistency like this, in a racing game, is unacceptable

This is a game-breaking issue, and has / will destroy any competitive integrity held within the franchise. Console players are unable to compete in anything, and in Multiplayer I know of people modifying display settings to remove the 60fps cap (those players will be faster than all others as a direct result of more FPS). The game has become a social tool with all competitive aspects removed, and I hope to have this rectified.

I am sure this is a known issue, otherwise there was no reason to lock multiplayer to 60fps from release. Please rectify whatever underlying issue is causing this to happen - Until fixed, the game cannot be taken seriously in any competitive capacity. This game should be accessible and competitive for anyone, playing on any hardware (PC, Console or otherwise).

Results of different FPS almost certainly changed the results of the Logitech G Challenge, which was a serious event with prize money involved.

You can find the spreadsheet here:

You can find the Google Drive link with all files here: Forza - FPS Investigation - Google Drive

You can find a .zip containing all files here:

You can find my original Zendesk ticket, raised 19/03/2024, here:

Please correct as an absolute priority.

Thankyou in anticipation,

Good data, I’ll try to boost this when I can.

Maybe this is why Turn 10 intended for Featured Multiplayer to be capped at 60fps for all platforms.

Forza Horizon 5 has the same issue so I think it’s the game engine, to a degree. Sadly that means a fix is likely very hard or impossible with current support timelines.


I’ve seen a ton of complaining about this but people only tested with rewinds, which is unreliable.

Thank you for doing it the hard way, this merits serious consideration.


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This test it totaly wrong tbh, we dont know what shifting was used. if u want to make good test, do 100 laps/runs on each fps 30/60/120, while using m/c, then we could see accurate results.

Its possible that framerate difference affects only shifting time, since these make quite big difference in overall laptime. And using m/c with race tranny reduces shift time to minimum.

I also looked trough bentley runs, and while 160/180 fps done by same person with same shifting points are accurate [if we ignore bad line in 160 resulting in going trough uneven terrain] in 60 fps run all shifts were shortshifted.

The best way to test acceleration, would be dragstrip but… looks like adding one is too much work for turn10 :3

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This is an L take - it’s impossible to test this perfectly without using a tool assisted run to produce identical inputs. Considering this level of testing took 6+ hours, you are more than welcome to run 100 laps of many cars at 6 different frame rates to reach the same results if you like, except it wouldn’t because those laps would all have corners and inconsistent lines in them. There are some short shifts but they are within 1mph of the high fps runs which would not produce a difference of more than a tenth.

All of these runs were also run with M+C so this is irrelevant.

This has been known in horizon too for a while now unfortunately, it’s an engine issue and it’s totally something that should have been fixed before this game was released. Of course expecting effort to be put in seems to be a broken expectation over and over in this game.

Here’s some other evidence from horizon I found:

And HokiHoshi going consistently round a circuit much faster with higher fps:

Thats impressive work but arent racing games similar to FPS games and how the online works? Usually players who have the highest fps win. Its not just performance, it also makes it easier to time a perfect shot or the perfect gear shift. The timing is alot easier. My fps is not good at all. Its so janky. Usually when i set all settings to auto the graphics work better but it can go from 95 to 50 when i turn only when i play online. Rivals is nice becauee its all locked to 60fps.

Hi there team,

Been a while since this was logged.

Any news?


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