[PC] The whole PC restarts randomly and always in the first corner of Dubai City

My PC randomly shuts down and restarts randomly during races. This problem is particularly rampant in Dubai and Hockenheim. Do anyone knows what is the cause of it and how to prevent it?

Sounds to me like a driver issue. Try updating you graphics and sound drivers. I had once a similar issue connected to sound drivers. Another possibility is a overheating problem, maybe caused by overclocking?

Sounds like a heat/hardware problem if it’s completely shutting down. Crack open your rig and give her a good clean out. Excess dust accumulation can definitely cause this behaviour (graphics card and PSU fans are dust hot spots).

Another thing that may be the cause is that your PSU is not able to supply the power needed when pushing your system to its limits. Run hwmonitor (HWMONITOR | Softwares | CPUID) and check the temps/voltages on your graphics card(s)/cpu/mobo. It may provide a clue as to what is causing the problem.