Paul Ricard

Please press VOTE in the upper left of the screen to express your interest in seeing this track location in Forza Motorsport.

Feel free to post a comment about why you suggest this location.

Definitely need this thank you for suggestion


I want to drive on this track! It’s featured briefly in Taxi (1998) one of my favorite movies :smiley:

This circuit has my vote as well, it’s so colourful thanks to the lovely painted runoff sections. I know this track from the F1 2021 game and watched a GT endurance race on it a couple of years ago. This is absolutely on my nr.1 spot of wanted track lists. I want to drive more than just F1 cars on the F1 layout.

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Personally I do not enjoy this track. Watching races here where the camera follows a car can give me a headache with the lines besides the track.
Driving it is more doable and the layout can be a nice challenge.

Isn’t that Paul Ricard ?

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Interesting… :face_with_monocle: