Party Chat, Horizon 4

So , I have been having MIC trouble, and I’m pretty sure that I cant hear other people either… maybe it was just the rooms I was in… but most of the time they had MIC icons. No flashing MICs…

Anyway, I thought I would try an alternative., especially since Ive been through 3 headsets and three controllers, and 2 xbox one s’s.

I am looking to a club to join, or an online lounge type thing… just casual chat about whatever, and about the game. looking to take it easy. Driving fast or driving slow…
I like to try keeping my car on the track.

I would like to chill while racing in the snow, maybe do some shared events? If Horizon 4 has it.

I am only able to talk in Party Chat…so maybe we can get a party started with some more people.
Send me a friend request : snowhawk2001#211 , or snowhawk2001. I think it’s the first one.

Feel free to leave your gamertag below, if you can.