Painting Left/Right Side

Why arent the decals i placed on the left side on the exact same spot on the right side of the car when i use the tool to copy every decal from the other side ? pls help me

I think it is better not to use the copy paste tools when placing decals, but use the “insert from” (now it’s mirroring tool) when placing decals, and make some adjustments when needed, and then follow with the copy paste tools to copy decals from the other side if you don’t want to invert or revert horizontally or vertically for each of the decals.

And yes we do have this geometric placement issues when making livery designs or just as simple as placing decals, at 1st I was assuming it was because of the graphics settings, I thought if my PC were able to run the game on ultra settings for each one of the categories then probably it wouldn’t be like that, but apparently it’s not the case, because even with low and medium settings some of the cars were just fine when mirroring to the opposite side.

So I think it’s been like that even in FH3, I found it mostly on popular cars like the Civic EK9, Nissan GTR R33 and etc, but some of them in FH4 are better and some are worst, like the EF8 CRX AF5 CRX EVO 6 8 & 9 are the ones that just fits as you place them, but the rest are mostly need some more geometry placement adjustments between driver side vs passenger side.

Also if you’re transferring some of your designs from FH3 to FH4, particularly these two cars; the 92 Honda NSX and Mitsubishi EVO X, you’re more likely needs to redesign their rear wing placements in FH3 before transferring them to FH4, because once you transferred them to FH4, it 's just a mess and there’s no way to fix them in FH4, you’ll need to fix them or just leave them empty before transferring to FH4 and complete the rear wing design in FH4 (when/if possible), for example if you want to put decals on EVO X rear wing, do it on FH4, if you made them in FH3 then transferred it to FH4 you won’t be able to fix them in FH4 because (if I remember it correctly, I don’t know if they have fixed this particular bug) there’s no access to the rear wing even if you change your EVO X rear wing, so it just better leave it empty for EVO X.

And as for the 92 NSX, if you want your rear wing to be paint differently from the rest of the body, like making the rear wing with carbon fiber trim, FH4 won’t let you do that and you just have to paint it with the same color as the whole body, the only way to make your 92 NSX rear wing painted differently is by painting it in FH3 then transfer it to FH4, and then do the rest like placing decals in FH4 to complete your design.

I hope that helps you to find solutions with your designs, all the cars I mentioned above are the ones that are free from the geometry placement issues and also the ones that have particular issues with its rear wing when placing decals and painting them, the rest are mostly have the same geometry placement issues so you’d need to find your own ways of solutions to fix them when finishing your design.

Tips: I personally add additional temporary vertical and horizontal lines on one side before mirroring them to the other side, and also add temporary horizontal line at the front and rear bumpers so they would connect to both sides when mirroring and need some adjustments, then just remove the temporary lines when everything are in its places.

I think that the modellers are messing things up a bit to add the petrol caps, and badges. The two sides are slightly out, but easy to adjust.

I find it best to just create a master group that contains all of the vinyls on the side I want to copy. That way, when they are copied to the other side, you can adjust them all as a single unit, since it is typically only the registration, and not the scale, that is off. It is annoying that they are not more careful about making things line up accurately when they define the mappings for the cars, but this instance can be mitigated fairly painlessly. Once you get the vinyls properly positioned, you can then ungroup them and use flip horizontal to reverse any text that got mirrored in the transition.

There’s no need to create a ‘master group’ to do what you’re describing. You can simply highlight all vinyl layers on a side and move them all as a group any time you want to.