Paint Job Design Problem

A friend of mine has a problem with his copy of Forza 7. He picks his car and he tries to create a paint job design for his selected car a different car comes up instead when selects Apply Decals. Does anyone know who can fix this problem for my friend.

My Foreign friend figured out the problem his game is working fine now.


Hi, I have the problem as well. How did he solve the problem?

I have this problem too. Select a car I don’t own but want to create livery for, go to apply decals and car switches back to owned car. How do you fix that?

Lol how do you expect to paint a car you don’t own???
Just buy it and paint it.
This isn’t a bug is it.

You have the option when creating a design or painting a car to switch car were you can change to a car you do not own.

The downside to this is that as stated, you don’t own the car but once you do you have a finished livery for it.

Check before trying to make smartassed comments. Creating liveries for any car (not owned) is a feature. Helpful when importing designs from previous games for cars you don’t own yet/locked. Plus a lot of designs on cars from fh3 to fm7 don’t match. So its helpful to get sorted in advance.
But yeah, this feature has been broken since march update.

I thought you could switch to another car in your garage.
I check that in my game later.