Pagani Zonda R underpowered?

I tried the Zonda R yesterday I have the feeling it’s vastly underpowered. Very disappointed.

In the X Class it’s vaporized performance and handling wise by maxxed out Lambos (Veneno /Centenario), Koenigsegg and Porsche 918. The Centenario and the 918 have also better braking distances.

In the S2 class I’d take the Cinque, the Huracan or the 918 over the Zonda R any day.

Does anyone else feel the same?

Can you buy the Zonda R out the garage like a normal car or DLC? Don’t think I’ve seen it before , interested to try it.

You must have the Hotwheels DLC otherwise you won’t to get it.

I love the Zonda R in S2. It has the proper race car handling that it should do but also gets 1000+ horsepower where the other race cars cannot. I have mine tuned (I think its in my storefront) and in S2 with AWD, it is faster than my zonda cinque, huayra BC or Ford GT on most conventional tracks. A clean lap with it gets me top 100 on many tracks such as the rainforest grand sprint. I think its a great S2 car that works on faster and slower circuits.

True, its not very fast in X but frankly, why does it need to be? You can’t race X class online (except in freeroam) and you can’t race them in rivals either.

I personally like the Zonda R a lot, even if they could have done a better job on the sound.

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To me the X class is only relevant for the Goliath. The others tracks are generally simply too short to really push an X class hypercar to the limit, (which I find a bit sad).

I have two fine tuned S2 cars (a Pagani Zonda Cinque and a Porsche 918) that I use for online racing and I’m very satisfied with them. I just thought the Zonda R would be an upgrade to the Cinque at least, since the latter is a nerfed version of the former in real life. I didn’t get this impression, but maybe I didn’t work enough on the tuning. I’ll try yours to see where I’m missing something.

Thank you for the Feedback.

I full agree on the sound. It’s downright terrible. A shame because the Zonda R V12 is an eargasm in real life.

Doesn’t feel underpowered.

I’ve been beating plenty of AWD hypercars in hotwheels online in my stock Zonda R with RWD. Not really underpowered, it’s just enough.

Cars like the Zonda R, Vulcan or FXX-K are pure track cars - they are not built for drag racing or an over-the-top maximum speed. Given their downforce level and aero, they are primarily “grip” cars. So if it’s in a certain car class, it doesn’t mean that it’s also an effective drag car.


In theory yes. the Zonda R lacks acceleration though and its braking distances aren’t exceptional. I kinda excepted more from a car which is known to be a beast on track.

The FXX-K isn’t my preferred choice on track, neither is the Vulcan though. And I’m not the only one when I see the online racing. I think, overall Ferrari got the short stick in comparison to the Lambos, Koenigsegg and Paganis (hypercars and track toys).

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God no! While I’ll agree it isn’t the greatest car for Yarra Valley (I use the Huayra BC), it is pretty good at Surfer’s as it gets similar times to my Zonda C , plus if anything it’s overpowered at Byron because it corners amazing and is very quick off the line

It’s a track car, which means that they built it for grip and handling as opposed to suiting drag races and top speed, because in real track racing the safe speed for corners is never your top speed and actual race cars are never developed as such.