Old Friends (Drift)

Hi there peeps,

its been a very long time since i’ve posted here but i’ve came up with a bit of a problem, since my return to forza games i have no friends that i used to drift with playing anymore, i don’t know if this is due to life/stopped playing or simply removed me due to be offline for many years.

So my question is, is there any of my old buddies / teams out there that are still having fun with Horizon 5 drifting? and if so, could we group like we used to?

On another note i am willing to find new friends who also drift in Horizon 5.

Some information if it helps remember.
i mostly played during motorsport 2 and a small bit of motorsport 3, i was on several small teams for a while, then joined Team Xenon until i quit for a long ass time. Since then i no longer get along with my old team, just kinda became differant people as we grew older and here we are now, played horizon 4 from about 1/2 way through and horizon 5 from the start.

Anyways look forward to hearing from you guys.