Official Weekly FH5 Photo Competition - Week 093

Welcome to the official weekly Forza Horizon 5 Photography Competition! This competition is open to all players.

This week’s deadline is 2023-12-01T04:00:00Z (Thursday night Pacific time).

Judging will be done by Forza staff and winners will be announced Wednesday, December 6.


Use Photo Mode to save a photo in Forza Horizon 5, Share the photo so it’s visible to all players in game. We will consider all shared game photos via one or both methods:

  1. New photos: When saving your photo, enter the current code words in the Description field. This week’s code word for the description is PhoRev093. All photos with this Description will be found in search and considered. Posting in this thread is not required but we encourage you to add your photo to this thread so others can see it!

  2. Existing photos: Older or previously entered photos that do not come up in search will not be automatically considered entries; you must post them in this thread. You do not need to update the description in game. Be sure to include your gamertag and the Share Code of the photo (found in the Creative Hub > Photo Gallery or My Creative Hub menu).

Please use one post and include no more than 3 photos.

While you can nominate a friend’s work for consideration, if selected they must communicate their approval to be Featured or not.


You may submit more than one photo per week, with these caveats:

  • Only one photo per person will be eligible for selection among the five winners.
  • Winning users from Week 092 are ineligible for selection among the five winners.
  • Share Limit: While we appreciate the enthusiasm to participate and the ease in sharing multiple photos, users who create an unreasonable burden on the voting staff by sharing an excessive number of photos in a given week may have all their entries disqualified for the current week and the following week. Please be considerate and conservative in the number of tagged photos you share in game.
  • You may not submit entries with multiple gamertag accounts.
  • All submissions and comments must adhere to the Forza Code of Conduct - Note: We have a stricter standard for appropriateness on content to be featured on Forza channels; we cannot declare winning entries that include alcohol/tobacco brands or names, license plates with lettering that can be perceived as inappropriate, or entries from inappropriate gamertags, regardless of in-game enforcement status.


  • The five winning photos are featured in game for one week in the game Creative Hub > Photo Gallery > Featured menu. (Featured photos can help generate activity to unlock Creative Accolades.)
  • Photos may also appear on our page.
  • The individual winners will receive a gift a car of the player’s choice, not including DLC or Accolade-only cars. Exclusives and Hard-to-Find cars can be chosen. Winners are required to DM me (T10ManteoMax) with their choice.
  • Your photo may be shown during official Forza livestreams and potentially on other official Forza social channels.

It’s been a long while since I’ve last participated in one of these photo competitions, I hope y’all enjoy my shot of this orange 2015 Lexus RCF!


Gamertag: Power7329

Share code: 147 459 697


Gamertag: undockedbirch17
Share code: 438 040 209

Share code: 114 008 803

Share code: 168 132 261



GT : XplosionFR

Share code : 124 480 963

Share code : 871 475 243

Share code : 113 686 318


gamertag: Danilo prime
Share code: 528 074 217

Share code: 614 573 765

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Gamertag: Peter2002GT
Share Code: 106 307 580


Gamertag: NeonDriver86
Name: Generations
SC: 603 948 288

I can’t believe how lucky I got I stumbled upon this pink Essenza while testing out my new Countach livery. I couldn’t take this photo without this player. Whoever s/he is, thanks! If there’s a way to find them I’d like to send them a kudos. :3

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Nothing new from me this week, however, I’d like to share my attempt at replicating my first photo comp winning photo in real life.

The photo for reference:

My photo in real life:

Comparing these photos truly reveals the detail that lies behind the cars in Horizon 5.


Name: PhoRev093
SC: 739 443 415
GT: FabulusfabW16
I hope you enjoy it.




1st two photos feature - 1964 PLYMOUTH BELVEDERE

SC: 130 048 980 -

SC: 175 597 817

SC: 253 652 016 - Road to freedom


I hope I’m doing thie right :slight_smile: its my first time entering this competition.

Gamertag: BravoHavok



Share code: 141 833 328


Been a while, last upload was FH2…! good luck 2 all!

GT - Don Strafe

Alfa 4C - 124 567 746
Monza SP2 - 965 529 417
Alfa Giulia - 102 612 760


Hi, Newbie here

GT: Anxiety2828

SC: 540 693 036

SC: 829 473 512

SC: 138 843 299

Hope you guys have a great time!


GT AP8986

SC: 168 425 994

SC: 224 782 696

SC: 112 254 154


Gamertag: AR9Xs
Name: like a dream
Share code: 937 160 600

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Gamertag: Koinator104

Does anyone else’s photos come out darker than they were when you screen shot?

Share code: 570 786 312

Share code: 970 624 727

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