Official Weekly FH5 Livery Competition - Week 118

Welcome to the official weekly Forza Horizon 5 Livery Competition! This competition is open to all players.

This week is open to all design types.

This week’s deadline is 2024-06-07T03:00:00Z (Thursday night Pacific time).

Judging will be done by Forza staff and winners will be announced on Wednesday, June 12.


Use the Apply Vinyls & Decals menu in Forza Horizon 5 to create and Share a design in-game. We will consider all shared game liveries via one or both methods:

  1. New designs: When saving your design, enter the current code words in the Description field. This week’s code word for the description is LivRev118. All designs with this Description will be found in search and considered.

  2. Existing designs: Older or previously entered designs that do not come up in search will not be automatically considered entries; you must post them in this thread. You do not need to update the description in game. Be sure to include your gamertag and the Share Code of the design.

We encourage you to add photos of your design to this thread so others can see it, which will also help us show off the winners. An elevated 3/4 view of is usually best for showing off as much of the vehicle’s surfaces as possible in one shot, but feel free to focus on a specific section if it the centerpiece of your work. Also feel free to describe your inspiration or design process, as well as link to a gallery thread of your other work.


You may submit no more than three designs per week, with these caveats:

  • Winners from the previous week are ineligible to win this week.
  • Only one design per person will be eligible for selection, decided by the voting team.
  • You may not submit entries with multiple gamertag accounts.
  • Users who share an excessive number of designs in a single week will be ineligible for the current week and the following week.
  • All submissions and comments must adhere to Forza Code of Conduct - Note: We have a stricter standard of appropriateness for content to be featured on Forza channels - we cannot declare winning entries that include: phone numbers (real or fictional); alcohol/tobacco names, logos, or usage; license plates with lettering that can be perceived as inappropriate; or entries from inappropriate gamertags, regardless of in-game enforcement status. Users who are found to use livery import tools on their entries will be ineligible from being selected as weekly competition winners.


  • Up to ten winning liveries will be featured in game for six months.
  • Winners may also be featured on our page.
  • The individual winners will receive a gift a car of the player’s choice, not including DLC or Accolade-only cars. Exclusives and Hard-to-Find cars can be chosen. Winners are required to DM me (T10ManteoMax) with their choice.
  • Your photo of your design may be shown during official Forza livestreams and potentially on other official Forza social channels.



I have wanted to do this design for along time but I just needed the time to write out how I wanted to do it. I was just glad I finished it on Memorial Day.

Paint - Wonder Woman
Car - 1966 Oldsmobile Toronado
Sharecode - 788 141 464
Sharecode - bgcarboy


2009 Chevrolet Callaway Corvette Replica
GT: EaglezRock
FH5 SC: 139 186 485

Based on irl car:


2018 Porsche 911 GT2 RS - Mello Yello
GT: EaglezRock
FH5 SC: 720 484 293


2019 Formula Drift #411 Toyota Corolla - Tuerck Rain-X Replica
GT: EaglezRock
FH5 SC: 120 004 819

Based on irl car:


Car Model :
2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon
Livery name : Perseus Medusa
Sharecode : 323 036 556
Gamertag : Da Wouiche

Hey everyone,
Bronze Series began with Phœnix, but before completing it, here’s a silver knight based special surprise issue.

Worried by those snakes ?
That’s her glance you should avoid…:sweat_smile:

Peace !!!


Car: Abarth 695 Biposto
Livery name: Ghost night out
GT: IceFrice8724
SC: 890 508 467

I know Halloween still for a long time to come but it’s kinda fit that



I really love GT3 cars, I was very happy with the update including these cars, so I decided to choose a team and create it, I believe it’s the most beautiful painting I’ve ever done, I hope you like it!

Akkodis ASP Team #87

Mercedes-AMG GT3 2018

FH5 SC : 147 581 270

Real Car




:blue_car: Porsche GT Team 911 RSR
:art: 124 477 761



Wide Body WedsSport Supra
Gamertag: MtnManJo
Share Code: 545-594-029


SC: 120 527 027
GT: Sprizouse78
Car: 2019 McLaren 720S Spider
File: Gulf Racing

SC: 278 622 912
GT: Sprizouse78
Car: 1984 Ferrari 288 GTO
File: Agip

SC: 905 782 725
GT: Sprizouse78
Car: 2018 McLaren 720S Coupe
File: Gulf 720S


A combination of Retro Skateboard and vintage computer graphics. With brands like: C64, Amiga, 486DX and 3DFX.

'05 Lancer EVO #1 Sierra Sierra Time Attack
SC: 318 146 650
Name: Rad


GT: Xxrasierklinge7
Share Code: 140 839 965
Name: Retrowave 2.0
Car: Hyundai N Vision 74

Under sunlight to see the design:

…but it was made to be experienced under a blacklight:

The Hood Design:


Gamertag: ba1n0
Car: 1986 BMW M635CSI
NAME: Hartge
Sharcode: 119 543 488

Article about the original car


GT: Fireprofcargo7
Share Code: 951 184 467
Name: AR12
Car: 2022 Toyota GR86


GT: Adriano0314
Share Code: 119 726 890
Name: #74 Retrowave
Car: Hyundai N Vision 74



GT: Andrew9565

GT: G de Racer

Lufthansa 911 RSR: 296 153 183

Lufthansa 935: 464 839 516

Idea: I took inspiration from the retro Lufthansa 908.3 race car and decided to adapt it to the RSR. After some discussions with G de Racer we decided that he would try and match it very closely to mine to really have that team feeling.

His comment: „Here’s my take on the Porsche 935. It features a retro Lufthansa livery, which matches Andrew‘s RSR. We used the exact same colours and sponsors to ensure a proper team look“.


Gamertag: MisterX74
Car: 1988 Mitsubishi Starion ESI-R
Name: Yoshimura
Sharecode: 164 210 474



Car: 1965 Pontiac GTO

Livery name: Bad Dragon

Gt: Ziggi

FH5 SC: 133 182 980

Uploading: 3d2dafb0-a8d7-4270-80c3-72fc480be204.png…