Odd Camera Angle problem and Tire Upgrades

Hi Guys,

If you help me on these 2 questions, i’ll appreciated.

  1. I only use hood camera angle, had no problem until i buy Ferrari 355. This car doesn’t have a hood camera angle, if i choose hood camera it won’t show the hood, only road like the bumper camera. This problem only occurs on Ferrari 355, do you think is that a glitch?

2.In game tire upgrades changes the characteristic of the car drastically. So, if we want to have a real life experience should i go tire upgrade or not?

The hood view is proper, the car just has a sloping hood so it isn’t visible unless you crash then it will dip and you’ll see it a bit. Lots of vehicles are like this in the game. If you switch between bumper and hood you will see they are in a different position so the hood view is still the hood view. There is no glitch. I’ve had a few vehicles in real life that were like this. I would lean way over the dash and still see no hood.

You won’t really get a real life experience in this game, but you’ll be closer to real life performance of a car if you don’t upgrade its tyres.

Thank you to your quick answers guys!