OCD Level 5 Blueprinter


Looking for help in getting to Level 5 Blueprinter

I’ve created a share code 805 108 426 on the Horizon Festival Drag Strip which takes around 9 sec to complete.

If any of you could use this code and like it afterwards it would be much appreciated

I’m happy to help any one else do the same if you send me your share codes

thanks in advance

I will help and could use the same. I am at Level 3.5 ish blueprinter I know it is the toughest one to grind out alone. I’ll come back here tomorrow when I can play again and also post a code.


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I found your event by user name, this share code is different btw. Ran it and liked it. Give me an idea how many points that got you… can run some more I’m only at Level 15 drag, so it would help me there mutually.

Made yet another festival drag event as well (fully open cars): 124 099 651

Also, am I missing something? I don’t know where 1000 points are coming from for running your own blueprint. It is 100, which is why is such a grind. Did they make it harder at some point this year, since that post?
I created an event per instruction. 17km CC event, starting from Windmill, one checkpoint behind finish line. Lots of CC and general influence… 100 towards blueprinter… only 140 more runs and I’ll be at Level 4… The only reason I’m at 3 is because some of my basic Lego and Fortune Island events got some use. When I was playing through those worlds for the achievements, I created a blueprint at every event.

I’m going to have to use the advice to keep an eye out for making unique events that supply a need in the daily/weekly forzathons.

I planted a custom event at every Dirt track on Thursday to help people with this week’s Forzathon, at least that would garner 100 each. I learned you need to get in early to go viral, so I was increasing the chances one would catch. Five of them are on trending today… now I’m almost level 5 blueprint, Horizon Star is so so close. More importantly… that Capri FE… the ultimate prize from this game?

It is a cheap method, but on the other hand (and I say this with emphasis because what a crazy grind this game can be at times) it is working within the systems provided and evidently fulfilling a need for people. Thanks to anyone that ran my events!

Dirty Blueprints

I ran and liked 3 to finish the evo today, thx

Lol and if I put one that was created a while ago as a suggestion alongside tunes, it gets maybe 10 uses in a week.

Congrats in any case.

You must use the direct link from imgur, not image link.

Thanks and thanks, fixed image.
I don’t know what happened, last night I only had a few dozen, which was helping anyway. The strategy of spamming one at every event seemed to help, and in this case restricting the car to the '99 EVO (I picked that up from other people’s events - makes it obvious, ‘hey pick me’).

Ran and liked, I really had to block the Rimac though.

I set up a road sprint a while back that I realized today is convenient for the last mileage req on the evo forzathon car. It’s one checkpoint that you go through and then a traffic free drive to the north traffic circle and back to the finish. I use it for high speed testing and photography. Once passing through the checkpoint I go around to different places for traffic free photo ops. It is 365 541 446.

Ran it a couple times and got the forzathon ultimate pass skills for today’s challenge. Liked it, Thanks WB.

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