Not getting Forza tier badge

I never got the Forza “tier” badge unlocked. It still tells me I need to reach tier two for bronze, even though I was already beyond that when I got the game. Is there anyway my tier can be “rebooted” so the game will recognize it?

I think there is something wrong with the badge. It has been that way for a while. I got the gold badge instantly when I loaded the game and it tells me I need to reach level 8 to get platinum. I reached level 8 and now I’m level 9 but still a gold badge.

There are other badges that are messed up too. They don’t seem to be a priority for Turn 10. I can see this. Game play should have a higher priority but you would think fixing badge issues would be easy. I hope they do fix them but there are still a lot of badge issues in FM5.