Noob-ish drifter (free-roam) XBOX ONE

hello everyone, as a forza fan and going way back to the olden days of need for speed, i have always been a drifting fan. I do it in real life when permitted and safe with my truck. I dont know much about tune set ups or anything. whenever i go for a drift car, for some reason i tend to go for a retro muscle car and turn it into a drift car somehow. I am 17, have a mic and i am online daily and i am looking for players who dont mind teaching me a few tips and tricks for drift set ups. also looking for players to drift with during free roam and road trip races. i have to go to work now, so i will be offline for about 4 hours, but i will be back on and play for about another 1.5 hours. please message me on xbox or on here. if it is on xbox, i will try to reply using my smartglass app on my phone, if you reply on here, i wont respond until i get back from work.

edit 1: i am also looking for a crew or clan or whatever you want to call your group of people, as long as they dont expect me to be a professional drifter or something haha.
edit 2: i am starting a toyota supra drift build, just looking for tips for tunes right now

twitter: reaperscopes

You can add me if you want onto your friends list. I don’t talk on Live usually, so there’s that. But I’m about to play with drifting in Horizon. I have a guide from a message board on tuning drift cars for Forza 3 and 4. I haven’t put it to work yet on this game, but I don’t see why it would be any different. I can email you the guide if you want (I have it in a MS Word doc) or I can copy and paste it to the best of my ability here. Just message me back on here, or XBL if you want it. :slight_smile:

Also, I’ve noticed that naturally the US Muscle cars are easiest to drift in this game. I’m going to try and make a Skyline drift machine later tomorrow with the guide.

Hey dude, i just added you as a friend, i hope that you and i will be able to drift soon. might go and find a GTR and buid a drift tune after i get a few pointers

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Sounds good. :slight_smile: Just let me know what’s up. Like I said, I haven’t tried my guide on Horizon 2 yet, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work.

I also. Might be a good teacher, as I have been drifting for some time. Though I am a bit rusty, so maybe us three can drift together? Also, there is a car club in Forza Horizon 2 [Xbox One] If you look at the other forums, you will see a thread or whatever it’s called about it. Those who join will be able to share car tunes, and have car meets and just generally a bunch of fun, so I encourage you to join. :smiley:

[Edit: I also found the car club tag: [FDC] Hope this helps

Sorry, one more edit. Here’s a link to a tune guide. This should stil work for Forza Horizon 2. Hope this helps as well

Capn 'ere. I’ll throw in any help I can give as far as drifting tips. GT is same as on here, CapnFusterCluck.

gamertag: cocoloco161

Among all these people her may have their own little way of helping you learn to drift; I am coming straight out with saying, I am amongst the top group of people in forza 5 at least (the most recent forza)(I am not the best, but just know what I am talking about.) I have taught a lot of people how to drift and eventually tune their own cars. I am currently apart of DIA (Drivers In Action) as the CO leader in forza 5. I am making my own club/team thing here in Horizon 2. I am and will be on often. All you have to do is to send me a message on here or Xbox inbox asking for my help and we will get together! :slight_smile:

wow, I am simply amazed at this sudden turnout of people ready and eager to help out those in need. this community has some of the best gamers out there. just to add, I have added everyone in this thread so far and can’t wait to start drifting with everyone. see you on the road…sideways that is.

Alright man i’m down for helping some people out, i’m online drifting every day and have played all the forzas since 3 so I have a fair amount of experience drifting and tuning cars. Im in the UK if that helps anyone with being online at the same times. My GT is the same one that is one here. Im also trying to find a few people to drift with I don’t have anyone online so would be nice to have some people to slide with.

You can add me as well. I’m probably not one of the best drifters out there but I like getting sideways and having fun. I’d love to get on there and try some tandems as I mostly drive solo. On X1 also just fyi